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By Jason A. Kofoed


Congressman Mike Simpson, an 8-term incumbent, holds a "special" place in my heart in that he is the only Congressman for whom I have traveled to Washington D.C.  It was way back in November of 2009 for the infamous Michele Bachmann Rally against Obamacare.  In hindsight, Ms. Bachmann wasn't all that I had hoped/believed she was and the results of the vote were most definitely against our wishes, but it wasn't a total loss.  I learned a lot about Mr. Simpson as I sat in his office for about 1 1/2 hours in a one-on-one conversation.  There were a few things about him that taught me a lot about who/what he is and who/what he is NOT.  First off, Mike Simpson is no friend of liberty nor the Constitution of the United States.  One of the things he told me in our meeting was that he decided in his first term in office that he was not going to be the congressman who voted no on everything.  He then went on to give me the analogy of a man dying of thirst in the desert: "If someone offers you a glass of water, but that water has just a little bit of manure in it, will you drink it or will you take what you can get?".  He went on to say that sometimes you have to compromise your principles in order to live to fight another day.  As you can imagine, this did NOT sit well with me and I lost all respect for him.  One other thing that suprised me was how frequently he had to defer my questions to his senior aid who was seated at his side for the entire visit.  More than once, I had to remind her that I was there to talk to Mr. Simpson, not her.  This resulted in some friction in the room, but I had some real concerns that I felt the "elected official" himself needed to answer, even though I had not voted for him personally.  He represents me and is accountable to theory, anyhow, as his election was a sham from the start, but that's a story for another day.

With that background, I will share with you the latest instance proving that Mr. Simpson is in Washington for himself and his special interests and prove why he will never have the salt to do the right thing if it proves too hard.  I subscribe to Mr. Simpson's newsletter and there is always something contained within them that is sure to disappoint anyone who has even a mild interest in Constitutional principles.  Today's was no exception.  It included Mr. Simpson's vote to end the government "shutdown" (sham) and I couldn't help but laugh at the pathetic efforts of propaganda, hypocrisy and contradictions.  Now, it is important to realize and understand that both Idaho Senators (Risch and Crapo) voted against the bill, as did our other Representative, Raul Labrador.  Mr. Simpson was right- He's NOT the congressman to vote "no".  He's a coward.

The entire newsletter can be found HERE and all emphasis and comments below are mine.

Recently in Washington

"Last week the House passed H.R. 2775, which reopened the federal government and raised the debt ceiling.  This legislation represented the final agreement between Republicans and Democrats to open the government through January 15th, 2014, and extend the debt limit to February 7th, 2014.  It passed the House 285-144 with Congressman Simpson’s support.  H.R. 2775 ended the 16 day shutdown and set in place a conference committee of House and Senate members who will establish the process for passing appropriations bills for the remainder for Fiscal Year 2014."


Simpson Puts Idaho Businesses, Jobs First

“There has to be a way to address our nation’s fiscal problems without making them worse in the process,” says Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson

Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson last week voted to re-open the federal government, avoid default on our nation’s debt, and preserve the historic spending cuts Republicans have won in Congress over the last three years.

While acknowledging his vote in favor of the bill might be unpopular with some of his constituents, Simpson said the potential economic consequences of continued stalemate outweighed any political consideration.

“The easiest, most politically expedient thing for me to do would have been to vote NO and protect my political right flank,” said Simpson. “Doing so, however, would have been the wrong thing to do for my constituents and our economy. My vote today was about the thousands of people facing layoffs at INL, the multitude of businesses across Idaho that have told me their livelihoods are at stake, and the millions of folks across the country who can’t afford the devastating impacts of default on their investments and retirements. There has to be a way to address our nation’s fiscal problems without making them worse in the process. That is the result I will continue working toward during the time we’ve afforded ourselves with today’s agreement.”

Now, it is important for the reader to understand who these special-interest constituents are.  The INL is the Idaho National Laboratory, located in Southeast Idaho, which is comprised of projects and subcontracts for the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, U.S. Navy and a few other agencies contracted for cleanup projects.  I live and work among these people every day.  I know that most of them are good, freedom-loving conservatives who disagree with the general direction that our nation is headed both fiscally and morally.  I hear them complain about the over-sized and bloated federal government, outrageous taxes, federal/state regulations, etc.  However, when given the opportunity to finally do something about it all (shutdown), they panicked.  Their sacred cow was laid upon the alter and everything fell to pieces!  They want everyone else to sacrifice, cut back, lose their "unnecessary" jobs, etc. but don't you dare try to touch theirs!  They make their livings off of tax revenue just like those they complain against but if you ask them how it's different, they say it just is; "This is how I make my living and I need it!" 

Take a step back and think about that for a minute, folks.  How many federal employees are there?  Whether they work directly for federal agencies or are employed by subcontractors who are funded by these agencies with federal tax dollars makes no difference.  The point is that there are way, way too many of them and the percentage of those who have the courage and moral convictions to lay their sacred cows (jobs) upon the alter for the good of this once-great nation is too small to even make note of.  This is what we are up against!

The newsletter goes on:

Simpson also suggested that he doesn’t expect the ongoing controversy over the implementation of Obamacare to subside with this agreement.

“The fight over Obamacare may now move to another venue, but the fight is far from over,” said Simpson. “While I strongly believe we should continue working to delay the entire law for one year, I also tend to believe that Obamacare may collapse of its own weight. I don’t think it will work. I don’t believe it will contain costs. I don’t believe it will improve access. And I certainly don’t believe that it can survive the scrutiny it is sure to receive once it is fully implemented and its impacts are fully realized. At that point, Republicans may have a much stronger hand.”

Simpson made clear in his reaction to the vote that while the compromise bill was far from ideal, the consequences of a continued stalemate were costing Idahoans their jobs and putting an unnecessary strain on our economy.  He also stressed that Congress must now turn its focus to a more long-term solution to our nation’s budget crisis.

“This bill, while far from perfect, preserves the progress Republicans have made in reducing spending and moving toward a balanced budget. This bill, while far from perfect, ensures thousands of people in eastern Idaho won’t lose their jobs at INL. This bill, while far from perfect, ends the uncertainty for Idaho businesses that have been impacted by the shutdown and are terrified of default. This bill, while far from perfect, gives Congress the time to approach our budget challenges in an honest, collaborative, comprehensive, and enduring way over the next few months. I am deeply hopeful that we will now look toward a grand bargain, or ‘big’ solution that includes spending cuts, tax reform, and entitlement reform. The American people understand that doing so will require tough decisions, difficult sacrifices, and political courage. I am ready to face those tough decisions and I hope a majority of my colleagues in the House and Senate are ready to do so as well,” said Simpson.

I don't even know what to say about this other than it is laughable at best, treasonous at worst!  Are we stupid?  Do we really think Mr. Simpson is there to "look toward a grand bargain, or ‘big’ solution that includes spending cuts, tax reform, and entitlement reform" and that Americans are ready to do the things that "will require tough decisions, difficult sacrifices, and political courage"?  Does he really think that we believe him when he says "I am ready to face those tough decisions and I hope a majority of my colleagues in the House and Senate are ready to do so as well"?  I don't, and I don't think you do, either.  Mike Simpson is a liar and a coward.  I've fought the last two elections to bring his treasonous hide back to Idaho but the voters are not educated enough on the issues at hand and just assume that the guy with the recognizable name with an "R" behind it is who they should vote for.  This is how the madness is perpetuated and the domination is maintained.  Tyranny has a firm, firm grasp on us and it won't let go without a fight.

Folks, we can still win this thing and we can still hope for a bright and optimistic future.  But if we aren't willing to drag this garbage out into the sunlight for all to see, we don't stand much of a chance.  Please, continue to fight the fight on your local levels and call upon God for His divine help and intervention.  For without Him, we will never win.