Posted by Jason on Jan 22, 2013 under

If you follow my blog and News posts you know that I am an advocate of looking outside of the box when it comes to distribution of information as well as events past, current and yet-to-come.  If you continue to follow things posted here then I would dare venture to guess that you are somewhat the same.  Now, that being said, I think it's important to point out what may seem obvious, yet is likely being neglected when one stops and takes a step back: Beware of conspiracy "theories".

I have often said that "One man's conspiracy THEORY is another man's well-researched conspiracy FACT" and I still believe that.  A conspiracy is defined as an evil, unlawful, treacherous or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot. (  Thus, one can see that an event or act considered conspiratorial in nature can and should be discerned as being fact or theory, but the terminology has become so demonized by main-stream propagandists that to question anything being spoon-fed to you by your handlers will assuredly ensure that you are branded with such a label.  It's like a punishment for daring to question authority by thinking and researching for yourself.  I've actually had close friends tell me "Yeah, I'm sure there's more to the story but once you fall down that rabbit hole, everything becomes a conspiracy from then on".  That couldn't be further from the truth if one is sincerely seeking truth.  Do I believe that there are some who wish to find a conspiracy in everything?  ABSOLUTELY!  In fact, I came across an interesting article and video recently tying the Sandy Hook, Aurora and Gabrielle Giffords events together.  It seemed very convincing on the surface, but as I dug and searched this source's other works, it became very clear that he was not reliable and is obsessed with turning everything around him into a conspiracy of some sort.  That cannot happen to us.

Think about how legitimate seekers of truth have been labeled by not only main-stream sources, talking heads and pundits but also by some others that we may trust a bit more...such as Glen Beck.  While I owe much to Mr. Beck for what I consider to be my "awakening and orientation", I have been disappointed more than once by his less-than-helpful attacks against those who legitimately question "official stories" (which is quite ironic as he does the same things, just with other topics and events).  Labels such as 9/11 "Truthers" or Obama's "Birthers" are far less than helpful and can cause a lot of harm...even contributing to truth remaining hidden as many of us who dig and research don't have a very good way to reach many people to expose what we've found.  What if we were instead called "Seekers of Truth" or "Verifiers of Obama's Citizenship"?  Would that not change perception?  One of Karl Marx's tactics found in the Communist Manifesto is to attack the attackers; make them look like the crazy liars instead.  If we were labeled in the latter manner it might even make those who research for themselves seem, dare I say, noble.  No, can't have that.

In the days ahead there will be many theories out there.  There will be a strong temptation to run with everything that fits what we're looking for as we try to piece together the puzzles, but we must be very, very careful lest we help build the propagandists' case against us.  Verify your sources and information because we need TRUTH with no agenda.  I am constantly trying to do this myself and it's not always easy.  I've learned to stay away from the sensational, but verification takes a lot of work.  I know I've never, ever claimed to always be right and try really hard to let others know when I've been wrong, but this is what helps us to learn and grow.  I can't imagine trying to live my life like I used to:  Sit in the corner with my hands in my lap and believe all that I am told without questioning.  No, that's not me.