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By Jason A. Kofoed

After only slightly following the two biggest headlines over the past few days, I feel to share a few of my thoughts on the matters.

Unless you've been completely out of touch technologically over the past 3-4 days, you no doubt have seen the disgusting behavior of the Texas abortionists as well as the hateful, racist "activist" groups in Florida which, unfortunately, include many, many high-profile figures including our nation's President.

First of all, the Texas abortionists.  Like I said, I have followed their activity only minimally simply due to the fact that I just can't handle the blasphemous statements, signs, images, etc. that have dominated the protesting activities down there.  I'm not going to post any of the demented references many of them have made pertaining to our Savior and our God, but they can easily be found with a simple web search...if you care to see them.  As I spoke to Mom (Silly Sheeple's Marla) about her trip down to Austin to testify on behalf of the legislation being proposed...and which ultimately has ended up on Governor Perry's desk...she told me of her own first-hand accounts of what was going on down there, including the infamous video of the pro-infanticide protestors shouting their praises to Satan.  What I have to wonder is this: What is wrong with these people?  How do they end up so far off course, seeming to have no moral compass whatsoever?  For a lot of them, it is an outward manifestation of who they really are and should reiterate and confirm to us just what we're up against in our fight to restore a just and moral society.  Who in their right minds would even think of carrying urine, feces and used feminine hygiene products to a protest to be "used" in any manner?  Seriously.  Think about that, folks.

Yesterday, I spoke to my brother--who also lives in West Texas--and he mentioned to me a friend of his who attends his church and is a Texas State Trooper.  He stated that he was originally scheduled to rotate in for crowd control but ended up not needing to go down there after all.  He made mention, however, of how several of the state troopers he had spoken to had been repeatedly asked by different activist/protestors when they were going to get their $1,200 and who was planning on paying them.  I can't really say that this surprised me, but after a brief search, their expectations for payment can be verified HERE.  Do you see a pattern emerging yet?

Second, the racist hypocrites in Florida.  You see, WE are not the racist ones.  The racist folks are those who, from the start, decided to turn the whole Martin-Zimmerman case into an all-out race war.  These folks include, but are not limited to, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Barack Obama and, of course, the New Black Panther Party.  Did anyone happen to see Geraldo Rivera on FOX News Saturday morning?

Pathetic propaganda from one of the most racist men on television.

Just as with the Texas abortion activists, this has to be exposed and broadcasted for what it really is.  The difference between the two events, however, is that this one won't go away any time soon.  Sure the abortion activists will continue to fight and protest until the money runs out or they lose interest, but those interested in starting an all-out-race war will not stop.  The simple fact that the Black Panthers are involved and that they have managed (along with many other progressive Soros-funded groups, no doubt) to stir up riots across the nation in such a short amount of time should have us all concerned.  What happens if another black kid is shot by a real white person in the next few days?  Will this not fuel the fire?  What you have to understand is that there are people out there who "work" every day looking for ways to divide us with their "racist" lies.  Think long and hard about how many truly "racist" people you know.  Can you count them on one hand?  To be completely honest with you, I can't think of a single one in my circle of friends/neighbors/associates.  Call me crazy, but I refuse to buy into the lie that genuine racism is a problem in this country.  The problem is with those who, all day every day, point to those around them and cry "Racist!THEY are the racist ones...and the agents provocateur.  Don't fall for it, folks.