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24 May 2013

By Dave Mundy

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What had been an open secret is no longer secret: Mexican drug cartels are now openly carrying their war into Texas.

The question is whether or not the federal government is intentionally allowing it to happen.

In spite of assurances from Department of Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano ("the border's never been more secure"), a cartel hit man pulled off a trademark, brutally violent execution in the quiet suburb of Southlake Wednesday night.

The murder of 43-year-old Juan Guerrero-Chapa, a ranch owner and lawyer from Nuevo Leon, Mexico, who had been residing in Southlake for two years, was accomplished by "an organized, professional criminal outfit," police told reporters.

"Obviously the nature of this homicide, the way it was carried out indicates –– and I said indicates –– an organization that is trained to do this type of activity,"

Police Chief Steve Mylett was quoted during a news conference at the Southlake Police Department. "When you're dealing with individuals that operate on such a professional level, certainly caution forces me to have to lean towards that this is an organized criminal activity act."

According to news reports, Guerrero-Chapa was shot dead at 6:47 p.m. in a parking spot in the 100 block of Grand Ave. at the Town Square, a popular outdoor shopping mall. He arrived with his wife about 45 minutes prior to shop. And as Guerrero-Chapa's wife loaded bags into their SUV, another newer model white SUV pulled in behind it.

A man wearing a piece of cloth over his face exited the passenger side of the vehicle and immediately fired a barrage of shots into the car. Guerrero-Chapa was hit multiple times. He died Wednesday evening at Baylor Regional Medical Center at Grapevine. The suspects were gone within seconds, last seen driving westbound on FM 1709.

"This happened in Southlake, this could have happened in any community anywhere in Texas or anywhere else," the chief said.

It isn't difficult to draw an inference that the shooting was part of the bloody war between cartels which has killed more than 40,000 in Mexico in the last few years, given the victim's history.

Mexican journalists have reported that Guerrero-Chapa represented high profile members of the brutal Gulf Cartel, including one man who was once its leader. The Mexican newspaper La Jornada reported that Guerrero Chapa in 2002 represented Osiel Cardenas Guillen, a federal drug trafficker and former leader of the violent Gulf Cartel. Cardenas is currently serving a 25 year sentence for drug dealing, money laundering and the attempted murder of federal agents.

Other reports noted Guerrero Chapa was a defense lawyer for members of Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel prior to their bloody split in 2010.

The Texas Nationalist Movement, which has been outspoken on the issue of border security, said the incident illustrates the failure of the federal government to live up to its Constitutional obligations.

"This is what comes from having a federal government which is more concerned with recruiting new voters for one political party than in defending the citizens it is charged with defending," Texas Nationalist Movement President Daniel Miller said. "This is another indication of the intentional failure of the federal government to protect Texas and other states from foreign invasion, which it is charged to do under the U.S. Constitution."

Miller said Washington's refusal to enforce immigration law — including the recent release, rather than deportation, of hundreds of illegal aliens with criminal records — has made it easy for the cartel criminals to begin infiltrating into Texas and other states. And, he warned, the danger to Texas citizens is dire: cartel thugs don't just kill one another.

"Most of the victims of this violence in Mexico have been innocent bystanders, or just people unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time," he said. "These criminals are as much or more of a danger to everyday Texas citizens than Islamic terrorists.

"And this administration's Justice Department sold weapons to them!" he added. "The 'Fast & Furious' operation had a goal of convincing the public that more gun control was needed. The Obama Administration armed criminals for propaganda purposes."

Miller said that while many Republican legislators have "talked tough" on border security, they have failed to act to ensure it.

"Even with the immigration reform bill currently being debated in Congress, they've proven they're willing to trade security for Political Correctness in even discussing amnesty for illegal aliens," he said.

"We have a federal government that stands in breach of contract," Miller said. "Our state government, under the U.S. Constitution, can't deploy troops to the border to stop this enemy. The only way Texas can regain its sovereign right to defend itself from invasion is to re-claim its sovereignty as an independent nation."

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