Posted by Marla on Apr 25, 2013 under

As I perused my daily sources of news and opened select e-mails I once again asked myself that question.  Highlights of my morning delvings include the following:  Six calls for immediate action requiring me to contact not only my State Reps, but whole committee members on matters of Texas interest; a whole list of items to contact my US Reps on, at which point I am considering a weekly newsletter that I send them that will rival the drivel they send to me each week, such as the infamous "Randy's Roundup"; a disturbing picture and write-up depicting a bunch of topless women demonically prancing around a praying Catholic Bishop in Eastern Europe protesting his beliefs on homosexuality; a report that the DoD is restricting access to the Southern Baptist Convention website from military computers due to their hostile content; children now going hungry world-wide due to the financial struggles their parents are facing with rising unemployment, etc.; members of Congress trying to weasel out of Obamacare for themselves and staffers; our President hosting a gala at Planned Parenthood as we are finding out the facts of gory goings-on in the"Dr." Gosnell's little shop of horrors trial; the rolling out of martial law quietly in the wake of the Boston Marathon Bombing; the joy of learning that PETA intends to use drones to monitor hunters starting next year, and our beloved Harry Reid lamenting the anarchist Tea Party for trying to spoil everything the government does, and how said government is "inheritently good!".  These are only a few examples of what slapped me in the face this morning.  Good Morning Amerika!  This is all happening while our three remaining employees are cruising around the yard as we try to keep them on the payroll as long as possible by doing odd-jobs until we can't afford to any longer.  Our work has suddenly come to a screeching halt.

I find myself wondering if it's time to crawl into the fall-out shelter and close the door to the madness swirling around me.  I know without reading how our elected officials are selling us out and devesting us of our Constitutional rights, how close the economy is to collapsing with the last remaining suckers putting what is left of their savings into the propped up stock market, how our Christian values are coming under fire with increasing intensity.  Gone is the optimistic woman that joined in the first Tea Party rallies, hopped a flight to join my sons at the Nation's Capitol to stop the Obamacare travesty, and tried on a daily basis to undo the socialist threat to our great nation.  I now realize that there is an exponential force that is sucking us towards the black hole of evil and enslavement that few see or acknowledge in their pursuits of Hollywood or sports escapism.  With the passage of CISPA, is the time growing short to even be able to communicate the facts with one another? 

As sheepdogs, is it time to clock out and save ourselves?  I knelt in prayer this morning and basically asked Heavenly Father if it is, indeed, time to tune-out the world and ignore the ugliness swirling around us.  It came to me that we do not know what good we have accomplished.  How much of their plans have we slowed down by throwing a monkey-wrench into their spokes?  What would the world be like now if we were suddenly gone from the picture allowing them free rein?  We must not give up, even when things are looking their darkest.  We must stand and testify against the evil doers and their goals.  We have the divine power of God behind us, so who can be against us?  Let us strive, as the awakened, to not throw in the towel and as people with a vision of what is coming to prepare to be a source of strength and to provide family, friends and neighbors with the necessities of life to the full extent possible.  As we do so, we will be richly blessed and miracles will happen.