15 July 2013

Before It's News

A bizarre ‘backwards’ storm going from East to West is getting ready to strike the US this week. Is this just one more sign of a ‘pole shift’ due to the existence of another planetary body in outerspace approaching the Earth? Is this weather modification? HAARP? It is said that the jetstream over America is so weak, the weather is moving backwards… Coincidentally, or not, HAARP seems to be heating up much of the same area.

A strange and unusual storm is making it’s way across the USA, going from East to West, instead of the normal West to East. Heavy rain is expected over the course of the next week. Flash flood warnings have been issued for Texas. And it that wasn’t weird enough, it looks like a scorpion’s tail. High and Low pressure systems are making things interesting, that’s for sure.

“Rainfall estimations across parts of Central Texas could be over 2-4 inches; of rain, with more rain (above 6+” possible in parts of South-Central Texas. Severe storms, including tornadoes, hail, and damaging winds will be possible from Texas, New Mexico, and parts of Arizona through the next few days.”

Take a look at the HAARP status for the mid-portion of the country. Related? I don’t know, I’m definitely not an expert on anything. Love looking for answers though…