Biden gun task force

21 March 2013

By Joel McDurmon

American Vision News

In a recent interview with NPR on gun control proposals, vice president Joe Biden assiduously avoided the real reason for the Second Amendment: it’s not about hunting Joe! It’s about defense against a tyrannical government.

But in his carefully rehearsed remarks, Mr. Biden let slip the real reason he and other statist politicians want to continue to infringe on our right to bear arms, including an admittedly unpopular ban on “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines: government entities don’t want to be “outgunned”!

Hear him say it for yourself: “The people I go to, to look to, when we talk about assault weapons and magazines; talk to the police officers. They are tired of being outgunned. They are tired of being outgunned.”

But what does this really mean? It means the VP wants government agencies to have consistently greater firepower than the citizenry. But that is the exact reason the Second Amendment was included to begin with. It is not there for police officers, vice presidents, liberal senators, or any other government agent to feel comfortable. It is there for just the opposite: for the citizens to be secure from tyranny by being at least as equally armed as the government agents who want to enslave them further.

If the tyrants don’t like that, let them shake in their boots. If government agents are “tired of being outgunned,” then let them get out of the business, or better yet, out of the country.