Posted by Jason on Nov 21, 2012 under

...please remember all that you/we have been blessed with this year.  I know we get so caught up in all that is going WRONG in our country...and the World in general...but we MUST remember all that is good and right.  If we are able to look at our trials as essential for our development and progression as individuals as well as families...and even as nations...then we should be able to drop to our knees and thank God for these opportunities to grow and strengthen.  Just because something stresses, disappoints and discourages us does not necessarily make it "bad".  Don't get me wrong- there are more than our fair share of truly bad things and bad people around us but it is our duty and obligation to step up and do our part to make changes.  If we are unwilling and/or unable to discern and see evil for what it is and then take corrective action against it, then we are no different than the sheeple we are surrounded by and who we are trying to wake up.  What we do with our situation(s) to a large extent determines whether we will benefit from it or not.  The choice really is ours.

At this time of year especially, it is vital that we step back, review our conditions and circumstances and give thanks to our God for all that we have and all that we are.  We must recognize His hand in all aspects of our lives and give Him thanks every day of our lives.  If ever there were a time to increase our prayers and pleadings unto Him, now is that time.  Please join me and mine tomorrow in doing just that and let us continue in it from that day forward with renewed determination.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!