24 June 2015

-by Marla Flint

Silly Sheeple

First Trailer For Upcoming ‘Lucifer’ TV Show At FOX

There are some days when living on this earth causes me great grief, and this happens to be one of those days.  I rarely watch television, preferring to immerse myself in alternative news media and things of a spiritual nature.  However, when you live in a house where the TV is on most evenings, you run across things that sometimes shock your senses.  First, I'm going to direct your atttention to a new television series coming this Fall to FOX.  It is titled "Lucifer", and it is the most blatant slap in the face to our Heavenly Father that I have ever seen.  It seeks to mock our almighty and all-powerful God, and glorify Satan.  How many impressionable, uneducated youth will soon grow to think Satan is "Cool" after viewing this show?  They will be willing to embrace him when he comes on the scene shortly, unwittingly being led to destruction by that old serpent.  How soon will God's judgement come down on us when we tolerate these things, letting them go with nary a whimper? 

Secondly, during a Chobani yogurt commercial my eyes popped out of my head when a woman - obviously naked, eating yogurt in bed finished the container, licked her empty spoon and ran her finger across the sole of her bed-partner's foot.  That partner was another woman.  I cannot comprehend the level of depravity we have sunk to in such a short period of time.

I also got an action alert today from the American Family Association calling on people to contact Tylenol regarding their promotion of the LGBT agenda.  I emailed FOX, Chobani and Tylenol.  I have received a reply from Chobani basically telling me to take a hike.  The other two corporations haven't responded yet.

Our Heavenly Father is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  His laws do not change to suit mankind, or a depraved culture.  He deserves nothing less than our utmost respect, reverence and obedience.  As I look at these three incidents, there are countless more that go against his authority and order.  My heart is broken as I see Him mocked, and made an object of scorn and ridicule.  We must stand up against these wicked people, and the agenda they are promoting.  It may not change the path the world is going down, but we must shine light in the darkness.  We must stand as a testimony against these perversions and insubordinations.  That is our mission at Silly Sheeple, and we invite you to join us in our efforts.