29 July 2013

By Old Sarge

Free North Carolina

Oathkeepers in the ranks of the military will eventually wake up and throw off the shackles of the regime?


Many of you have claimed, stated, and otherwise mentioned the idea that there are so-called "oathkeepers" in the ranks of the military, who will eventually "wake up", and throw off the shackles of the regime, and America and the Constitution will be restored complete with rainbows, chocolate rivers and children playing with gumdrop smiles.

Every One Of You Is Sadly And Foolishly Optimistic.

And I shall tell you why...

Your military has been "fundamentally transformed" into something that did not exist two generations ago. The service of that age saw its ranks filled with patriotic Americans who understood the death struggle with Soviet Russia and its minions across the globe. We had leadership possessed of resolve and purpose. Our men and women in uniform had superior training and spirit, and were focused on the mission of securing freedom.

Now, look at today. The service has been emasculated on the battlefield, with rules of engagement which essentially prevent the soldier from engaging the enemy; in the garrison, with emphasis on promoting perversion in the ranks and social experimentation; and over all, a command structure determined to destroy the fighting spirit and will to resist.

The military and the government minions who comprise this regime are loyal to their oaths, indeed. They swore to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic - and those enemies have been redefined as YOU. And they will prosecute this war against you, the new domestic enemies, to the fullest extent of the law and the uttermost end of strength.

This contemporary military no longer has patriotic warriors in their hierarchy. Those whom we would call "patriots" have either retired, been forced out, or otherwise purged from the ranks. The current generation of soldier - from the lowliest sailor manning the rails to the loftiest flag-rank officer spouting regime talking points - are there for myriad reasons, which include college tuition and education benefits; they reenlist to qualify for cash bonuses; they receive taxpayer-funded salaries, tax-exempt and duty-free goods and services, and taxpayer-funded health care; and when they reach retirement, they then receive taxpayer-funded pensions, further health care, and in the case of the higher ranks, their dachas by the lake, just as their Soviet counterparts did.

The current generation of military members are indeed mercenaries. They fight for pay and they fight well. They are committed to upholding the regime that funds their present and future lifestyle. And they are committed to collecting intelligence of the enemy they have been ordered to fight: the domestic terrorists, as defined by their chain of command.

Now, many of you will ask, "Sarge, how can you possibly say all these things?" Here's how: having spent 26 years in that uniform as an officer and as an NCO, seeing both sides of the conduct and training and corporate culture;

Having spent years as a recruiter, knowing all the training, benefits and bonuses (aka "entitlements") that a young mush-brain could be enticed with to enlist, and re-enlist over and again;

Having watched comrades with whom I served, bled, dined and drank with, evolve over time into apologists for the regime, fully supportive of the usurpers of the nation, and who will carry out each and every order against their own fellow citizens, to their uttermost conclusion;

Having beheld the current crop of leadership - MY generation, the ones who remember the "shining city on the hill" - utter pusillanimous words of aid and comfort to the enemies of freedom, both here and abroad.

Folks, do not deceive yourselves into believing all this "oathkeeper" garbage. It's a lie, perpetrated to spread false hope. The true patriots of the military have left the service, either in disgust or dotage - or to live their golden years in their own dachas by the lake.

If there is any hope for the America of our memory, it lies in the unorganized militia.

And we are not idle. Neither are the regime. 

Old Sarge