...I was very grateful for my emergency backup generator.  Though the outage only lasted a couple of hours, it affected almost 30,000 people in Southeast Idaho with no idea how long it was going to last and only a handful of people I know have the ability to go "off the grid" for any amount of time.  True many others can grab their little camping generators and run a couple extension cords into the house, but they're not able to do much more than that.  What about keeping your food at temperature?  Heating the house in the cold Idaho Winters?  Living in rural Idaho, we also have to pump our own drinking water out of the ground...and don't forget that lift pump in the basement that is so critical in keeping the septic tank full and happy.  All I have is an 8Kw generator, but it is more than enough to keep my house running smoothly come rain, snow or shine when the power is out for any length of time.  For under $200 I was able to hire a real-life electrician to install a "safety" panel on my breaker box and hook up a heavy cord to plug directly into my generator and I was ready to go.

Think about it, folks:  Are YOU ready for an extended power outage?  Maybe you've miserably endured one already...or seen it happen to someone else on the "news" channel and thought, "One of these days, I need to..."?  Come on, get on it.  Get ready for when it's your turn and be a resource rather than a burden placed upon someone else who has responsibly expended the time and resources to take care of themselves and their families.  The more people who are even a little bit prepared for the hard days ahead will place us leaps and bounds ahead of the game.