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 "You made your bed, now lie in it."  That is definitely an adage that has fallen by the wayside in the last several decades.  However, it was one that I heard when I was 16 years old.  I was raised by wonderful Christian parents and went to church everytime the doors were open.  I definitely knew right from wrong, but had weak moments when that line was easily crossed.  I found out the spring of my junior year in high school in 1974 that I was pregnant.  Those were much more conservative times, although society was beginning a transition phase during those years.  It was still socially unacceptable to be pregnant out of wedlock.  You did not see expectant mothers attending classes at school, and those that found themselves in that predicament were quickly married off or sent away to wait out the birth prior to adoption.  The doctor I went to was very hateful and rude to me, and proceded to phone my mother while I was at school one day.  Roe V Wade had become the law of the land, and the abortion machine was in motion.  This doctor was already performing this procedure and scared my mother with statistics about teenage mortality associated with childbirth.  That fear, coupled with the shame I had brought on the family, caused my mother to try to convince me to have an abortion.  I was scared to death, my plans of college and the future I had envisioned was evaporating before my eyes, and I had serious doubts about the baby's father being there to support me.  However, I knew instinctively that abortion was something I could never consider, and also knew that I could not give a baby up for adoption that I had carried for 9 months.  That was a pivotal point in my life.  That was when I started accepting "Responsibility" for what I had done.  I chose what was presented to me as the "hard" road, and turned my back on the "easy" way out.


My son was born in January of the following year.  By then I was married to his father and he had joined the US Air Force.  At the age of 17 there weren't too many options as far as finding a job that would support a family.  At the time when my friends were attending prom and getting ready for graduation, I found myself living 700 miles away from home finishing up correspondence courses that earned me my diploma.  I also found myself surrounded by a great many young couples that were in the same situation, so I had a "support group" so to speak.  I never looked back.  Since that time I have still made bad decisions from time to time, but I have always had a deep, abiding love for my children and did the best I could at such a young age.  My oldest son is now the primary developer of "Silly Sheeple" - a man with such a sense of morality and commitment to God and Country that I cannot imagine the world without such a man as he.  He is the father of five beautiful, talented daughters that he is raising up in that same value system, along with his wife and companion.  What a treasure!  Abortion would have not only ensured that he never got his chance to fulfill the purpose that God sent him to fulfill, but also his five precious daughters would have lost their chance at life.  As the chain of life continues, you realize that a woman's "right to choose" disrupts God's plan by denying future generations their chance to live and perform the missions He has intended for them.


A dear friend of mine faced a similar situation when she was in college.  She chose the "easy" way out of her situation by having an abortion.  Some 30 years later it has caused a terrible amount of psychological damage to her.  She has to deal with nearly overwhelming guilt daily as she struggles with a decision she made long ago.  One that has caused her so much pain to this day.  I have found that in my life irresponsibility has led to a world of responsibility.  As hard as life had been at times, I have peace knowing that I made the right decision.  My son is not only my son, but he is my best friend.  We grew up together, and the "hard" road turned out to be the perfect road.