Posted by Jason on Dec 10, 2012 under

I don't know about all of you, but I'm growing tired of that term and the pundits, talking heads and party lapdogs who keep regurgitating it, not to mention all the "media" outlets that give them air time.

This is no different than years past in which they called it "raising the debt ceiling" and all the doom and gloom that would come to pass if action wasn't taken immediately-- by the end of the year which helps to make our Christmas season just a little less pleasant if you give it the attention they want you to.  I don't fall for it because there is absolutely nothing I can do at this point to determine what those mighty powers in D.C. are going to conjure up under the guise of "bipartisanship" and "compromise".  THIS is a classic example of insanity...and socialism.

The problem is simple math, nothing complicated.  We spend on socialist programs more than what is collected in tax revenue and the answer is NOT to raise taxes but, rather, to eliminate all federal socialist programs...period.  But this won't happen because the overwhelming majority of Americans demand they continue in one form or another whether it's the old argument of "I've paid into Social Security all my life and I demand I get my share back!" or "But I have to have my medicare/medicaid benefits!" and the arguments go on and on for everything from federally-funded food stamps to Obamacare because their private carriers can no longer operate due to the the newest required mandates employed by the dictator-in-chief.

Yet, this is only another SYMPTOM of the real problem, which I mentioned last week in my last blog post and that is that we have turned from God and allowed our "Americanism" to be bred out of us for several generations.

I was listening to Coast To Coast the other morning on my way to work (I'm a firefighter) and heard George Noory and a few callers talk about how our older parents and definitely grandparents thought so highly of FDR and his "New Deal" that they dare not speak against him and used to get upset when their children and/or grandchildren would.  That generation was a turning point for our nation, I believe, in that they had allowed themselves to be "taken" and allowed the global elitists/conspirators to rise above them and we have continued that trend ever since.  Woodrow Wilson and the creation of the Fed was bad, but the Great Depression was a turning point in which the controling Powers That Be gained a whole lot of ground- second only to what we have allowed to happen to us since 9/11 and the implementation of the Patriot Act.  FDR alone signed into law over 3,100 executive orders.  That is unbelievable!  Bush, Jr. and Obama have signed in relatively few orders, but the ones they have really pack a punch.

We cannot fix what is wrong; not by ourselves, anyway.  It is going to take a Higher Power than us but, first, it will require humility, repentence and a faithful following of God and His commandments before He can step forward and preserve us.  So, instead of worrying about what the overwhelming number of socialist atheists in Washington D.C. are going to conjure up as a "resolution" to save the day, focus on this important time of year in which we celebrate, as fellow Christians around the globe, the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Bring Him into your daily lives and into your hearts and resolve here and now to not let it end on December 26th.  Make it a new year's resolution to make Him the focus and center of our lives.  If we repent, turn to and serve Him then we have hope: REAL HOPE.