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By Jason A. Kofoed

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12 January 2014


At times we can all get caught up in "ourselves" as we get channeled in and focused on the day-to-day things that seem important to us.  I know I do and I think that's why the following video has left such an impression on me, causing me to write this post. 

How do we treat those around us?  Whether it be our families, friends, co-workers, neighbors or anyone else who may be affected by our actions be they good or bad.  Do we treat strangers and the "less important" associates better than we treat those we love the most...and who love us?  Think about this for a minute.  Ponder your interactions with your co-workers and/or friends and compare them to how you interact with your family.  Do you put more time, effort and attention into your relationships outside of the home than you do with those inside of the home? 

I consider my wife to be my best friend and I cherish her with all of my heart and soul and when I hurt her, my soul literally aches. 

Who is your best friend? 

Is it your spouse? 

If you don't consider your spouse to be your best friend, do you find yourself treating your best friend better than you treat your spouse? 

While I put my wife first and ahead of all others around me, my children are a very, very close second.  After my immediate family comes my extended family, followed by everyone else.  I feel love for a lot of people around me and I try my best to treat each and every one of them in a manner that reflects that love.  However, I often fall short and cause hurt feelings and/or offense when I really don't mean to.  We all do this at times and when we do, it is critical that we do all we can to repair and make right the wrongs we have committed.  While difficult to do so, these are wonderful strengthening opportunities and they can help us to grow and progress along life's paths.  What we do with these opportunities is up to us. 

Don't procrastinate making things right with those you associate with and love.

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