“She was not an irresponsible mother, who just said, ‘Oh, I want a gun and went to the gun store and tossed it loosely into her purse.’ The purse was designed a built-in holster,” he said. “Unfortunately, an inquisitive 2-year-old boy unzipped the compartment while his mother was looking at clothing with her three young nieces, and accessed the gun.”

The purse with the holster was a Christmas gift from Veronica Rutledge's husband, Colt.

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The shooter is what is known there as a tea boy, the name given to male sex slaves.  For three murders, he was sentenced to only seven years.  But now, Buckley’s parents have gotten tired of the Pentagon stonewalling them and preventing them from finding out what happened to their son and why.  The Pentagon has gone as far as directly violating federal law in preventing the Buckleys from getting answers.

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Obama’s Recognition of Cuba Renews Communist Subversion

In this week's analysis behind the news video, JBS CEO Art Thompson discusses how Obama’s recent recognition of Cuba will renew communist subversion within the United States; how Obama’s administration has numerous ties to the communist Cuban government; how BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization are part of a growing alliance world-wide of communist nations to be a counterbalance to the West; how these alliances are actually dividing the world in preparation for the perpetual wars between three regions of the world as predicted by George Orwell; and how he recommends against viewing the movie, “The Interview,” on the basis that it is socially debilitating.

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PBS reported:

Cities across the country are increasingly turning to what are known as private probation companies to collect unpaid fines. But are indigent people ending up in jail because they can’t afford to pay? Since NewsHour Weekend’s first story on this issue aired last spring, the Childersburg Municipal Court issued a “standing order” stating that “In no case shall an indigent defendant be incarcerated … based solely on his or her inability to pay fines.” But the practice continues elsewhere in the country. Special correspondent John Carlos Frey takes an in-depth look at what some are calling the return of the debtors’ prison.

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If you talk to a Russian about the international political situation, sooner or later you will be informed that there is a country in North America that you never heard of. Its name is ‘Pindosia,’ ‘Pindostan’ or, more officially, ‘United States of Pindostan,’ and you will be told that one part of it, called Alaska , used to belong to Russia . Part of the word – ‘stan’ – stands for underdeveloped state, as in ‘ Pakistan ’, ‘ Kazakhstan ’ or ‘ Uzbekistan.’ The citizens of this country in plural form are called ‘pindoses’, in singular – ‘pindos’.

So exactly what is a “pindos”?  Personally, I found the definition to be quite surprising…

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"The new Vigilant Mobile Companion app expands the benefits of license plate recognition and facial recognition technologies to all areas of the agency," a Vigilant Solutions press release claimed. "Using many of the new analytic tools that Vigilant has released in its Learn product over the last couple of years, the app makes these tools even more easy to use and accessible on a mobile device. The app also features Vigilant's Facesearch facial recognition which analyzes over 350 different vectors of the human face."

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Sadly, what we are experiencing right now is so similar to what we witnessed in 2007 and early 2008.  The stock market had been on a great run, people were flipping houses like crazy and most people were convinced that the party would never end.

But then it did end – very painfully.

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The original owner of Obama’s stolen Connecticut-issued Social Security number was Harrison J. Bounel, an immigrant from Russia who was born in 1890, who seemed to have had some connection with a Jewish woman named Rose Ella Cohen, who was the second wife of the great great grandfather of Michelle Obama. This same Bounel, whose Social Security number is one of Barack Obama’s many SSNs, was institutionalized in and probably died in the Fairfield State Hospital, a now-abandoned psychiatric hospital in Newtown, Connecticut. The same Newtown, CT, where on Dec. 14, 2012, an alleged lone gunman named Adam Lanza allegedly shot to death 20 children and 6 adults in the Sandy Hook Elementary School — a massacre that every available evidence and sound reasoning point to it being a gigantic hoax.

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