Welcome to Silly Sheeple's WAKEUP! website!

We have recently decided to change the focus of our site from what it's been the past year.  We have removed our products line and will be focusing more on:

  • Critical thinking and exposing the secret works of darkness
  • News and current events that really matter; basically, if you can find it on outlets like The Drudge Report or The Blaze, you won't see it here as we do not promote sensationalism.
  • Spending more time testifying of things that are good and worthy of our attention.

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About Us

Sillysheeple.com was created in the Summer of 2012 with one specific goal in mind:  to wake up the people around us who are so seemingly clueless when it comes to the loss of their individual and collective God-given rights, taken by the very government that “We the People” have allowed and even elected into offices above us.  These would be the “sheeple” who we view as being so “silly”.  We define “sheeple” as those people who unwittingly believe and follow the wolves who mean them harm and/or are so distracted by the propaganda and other distractions (such as the main-stream media, prime-time television, Hollywood gossip, professional sports, etc.) that keep them from seeing the things that are “hiding in plain sight” before them.
This website is the product of a mother-and-son team (Marla and Jason) who once used to be “asleep” ourselves until we witnessed the televised results of the 2008 Presidential Election which we feel was a very stark turning point for our nation…and was reiterated by the re-election of the same man in 2012.  It didn’t begin with the election of Barack Hussein Obama (it has, in fact, taken over a hundred years of hard work by progressives to get us to this point), but that night somehow seemed to solidify the “new” destiny of America- a destiny that is polar opposite to the constitutional republic that so many of us love, revere and long to regain regardless of what sacrifices may be required at our hands. 

We believe that, for the first time, “We the People” have voted to welcome with open arms the evil principles and ideologies that comprise socialism and many do not even realize they’ve done it.  Liberty, freedom, God-given rights, individual accountability- all the things that our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights were created to ensure and preserve is what has set this nation and her people aside from all other nations of this World.  It’s who we are.  It’s in our DNA, but it seems that it is being bred out of us generation after generation until we have willfully and/or ignorantly allowed ill-intended seekers of power and control to get above us, oppressing us with the yokes of bondage and slavery.
The same blood that flowed through the veins of our Founding Fathers courses through OUR veins here at Sillysheeple.com.  We hope you will join us in our desire to stand up and be a warning voice to all those who have ears to hear with the hope of being able to turn this thing around.  We expect to meet much resistance and criticism but, come what may, we feel this is what we need to be doing at this point and time.
Our goal here is not to dump mass amounts of information on a daily basis like many news conglomerates do; we are not here to overwhelm and occupy any more time than necessary to keep you current and up to date.  Rather, we pore through those mass amounts of information each and every day to see what is relevant to our mission and post it from there, which is normally 4-5 news stories per day and a few blog posts during the course of the week.  News and information is fluid and we try our best to keep up with all that threatens the Constitution and our God-given rights.
Now, let's go wake up the sheep!